Marriage Preparation-

Brisbane Wedding Celebrant’s Grant Windle has been an accredited behavioral consultant with 'The Institute of Motivational Living' in the USA since 1992, but more importantly, he has also been married for 41 years to his wife Cheryl.

We all know how important foundations are to any structure - what’s beneath is the strength to what’s on top. Brisbane Wedding Celebrant has put together two-sessions of marriage preparation coaching designed to assist couples in discovering and understanding each other in a whole new light by utilizing the DISC system behavioural profiles. Revealing the differences between couples according to their behavioral styles can revolutionize a relationship or marriage. Differences are normal and can enhance a relationship. Couples can discover more about themselves and about their partners after completing the DISC assessment . It’s quick, easy, lots of fun, yet very insightful!

Each person’s personal development is facilitated through identification of how he or she responds to conflict, what is motivational, what causes stress, and how problems are solved. Understanding behavioural styles opens the door for greater levels of communication, encouragement, honour, acceptance and intimacy.

 These two sessions will also help you better understand your partner, appreciate your partner’s differences and contributions, recognize possible reasons for conflict and enable better communication.

SESSION 1 - Grant will discuss with you ideas that can help make a strong marriage even through difficult times. You will also receive instruction on completing the DISC assessment online in your own time (10 minutes). Total 1 hour.

SESSION 2 - Grant will present you with a full hard copy readout of your DISC assessment, then guide you both through it’s amazing insight, bringing personal customization of how this all applies to your unique relationship. Total 1 hour.

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Marriage Coaching -

Marriage coaching can be beneficial both for enriching healthy marriages or coaching couples through a difficult situation. Grant has been helping married couples for many years. Being married for 40 years and raising a family, Grant’s coaching inspires change and has helped many transform their marriage with his incisive approach to problem solving. There are seasons in all of our lives where we just need to reach out for some help. Sometimes it’s just a nudge in the right direction that can begin to affect change. Contact Brisbane Wedding Celebrant today for more details and hourly rates.