Brisbane Wedding Celebrant Grant Windle

Brisbane Wedding Celebrant Grant Windle

Documents you will need to supply…

The first thing to attend to if you decide to use Brisbane Wedding Celebrant is the completion of the ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ form. This must be done at least one month prior to your wedding date that has been agreed upon with your celebrant. Your celebrant will fill this out with you in either the first or second meeting. Please note the following important notes on the documentation you will be required to bring with you when meeting with Brisbane Wedding Celebrant.

The celebrant is required to sight the following ORIGINAL documents that apply to you. Copies certified by a Justice of the Peace are not acceptable. For most people it will be those highlighted in bold -

·         An official (original) certificate of birth, or an official extract of an entry in an official register showing the date and place of birth of the party

·         If you cannot obtain a copy of your birth certificate then a current Australian or overseas passport is acceptable

·         If either party has been previously married, the Decree Absolute or Divorce Certificate

·         If you are a widow or widower, the Death Certificate of your late spouse

·         If any certificates are written in a language that the solemnising celebrant cannot understand a translation by an accredited translator is required.

·         Evidence of identity – one of these is acceptable: a driver’s licence, a proof of age/photo card, an Australian or overseas passport or a Certificate of Australian Citizenship along with another form of photo ID.

: A court order and written consent from your parents if one party is under 18

For further questions on documentation please contact Brisbane Wedding Celebrant today.