There’s a lot of work and planning that goes into a wedding day and my job at Brisbane Wedding Celebrant is to make all of this as easy as possible for you. I will take care of all your legal documents from the initial forms to filing your completed marriage documents with the government. Here’s a basic timeline as to how this may happen…

  1. We meet for a no obligation chat about what you are looking for and what I can offer.

  2. Once decided upon, we fill out the ‘Notice of Intended Marriage Form” which must be at least one month prior to your wedding day. I will need to view certain legal documents that you must bring. More Info.

  3. We explore and discuss your ceremony. Whether a prestigious wedding or something organic and simple, I am there to help make it happen for you. Whether big city, country or coastal, my attitude will be, “let’s get this thing happening!” I can furnish you with many ideas and give you a basic template for your ceremony, but it’s totally up to you to decide how the day will run and what vows you will use. All of the above can happen at the initial meeting or over a couple of meetings and as much digital and phone connection we need.   A rehearsal is not essential but is totally your call. This would happen preferably within the week prior to your wedding. There will be an extra fee for my involvement in this. More info.

  4. Within the week before your wedding day, you and Brisbane Wedding Celebrant will connect to make sure all forms are signed and our plan is ready to roll.

  5. I perform your wedding ceremony, present you with a ‘marriage certificate’ on the day, then within a few days Brisbane Wedding Celebrant will send off all relevant paperwork to the government.

I assure you that I’m highly organized, detailed, and will give you my best effort. I will consider your wedding day as something unique to you and will count it an honour to serve you. My dress is totally professional and I will seek your preference on how you want me to look.

Everyone has their own style and I will flow with your style to make it your best day ever. Contact Brisbane Wedding Celebrant for more details.